Sunday, June 26, 2005

The rise of the disdainful Democrats

You will laugh until you are admitted to the emergency room! To be truly funny, an element of truth must be present, but when the tale is entirely truthful, and is only realized to be so at the end of the tale, well then, the hilarity ensues!........T

Senator Robert Byrd's previous occupation as a butcher never seems to come up when the press describes his history. It seems that mundane occupational histories of politicians matter only when they are Republicans. This is a method employed by the liberal media to demean Republicans, implicitly characterizing them as being made of "lesser stuff" and to disparage their intellectual abilities.

It may be a bit of a stretch, but the Democratic Party leadership looks more like the House of Lords and the Republican Party looks more like the House of Commons. Judging by its leadership, one of our political parties can legitimately claim the be the party of the common man and woman. And it isn't the Democrats.