Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A Quiet Turning Point in Iraq?

"The Race to Stupid" ...oh my, be prepared to laugh until you cry! This is all self evident to me. Which explains why %60 of the population has no clue. Oh, and by the way...Hi Jim!..........................T
Such major mistakes by our enemy are even more important than they should be, because America – burdened by a media establishment that trumpets only our mistakes – is incompetent in the propaganda aspects of War. Even when right, we seem unable to demoralize foes and inspire allies. But we don’t have to inspire our own allies in Iraq. Our enemies have that covered. Consider just one recent example of how the Sunni Arab insurgents are making sure that fellow Iraqis get deadly serious in fighting them. This weekend, the insurgents tried –and failed – to kill the leader of Iraq’s special forces, General Rashid Flaiyeh – by mortar-bombing his mother’s funeral. Now I’m no psychologist, but I have to believe that Gen. Flaiyeh has a very short “To-Do” list for the upcoming decade or so