Monday, June 20, 2005

Liberal Losers Conduct a Fool's Hearing

It's still stunning to me to see how truly radical, extreme, and dishonest the democrats and the "main stream press" have become. Now more than ever, since the 2004 election, they have lost it.............T
Losers live in their parents’ basement and dream that they are just one hit song away from stardom.
Losers neglect their retirement savings and fantasize about the way they will live after they magically win the lottery.Losers weigh 431 pounds and wish -- through a month full of Twinkies and Diet Coke -- that someone someday will invent a miracle diet pill so that they can be pretty.
And this week, losers met in the basement of the Capitol building and sat behind little mismatched folding tables interviewing each other in an “unofficial investigative hearing” that they believe might allow them to retake power one day -- without them ever having to re-examine who they are, what they stand for, or why most Americans have decided that they and their fellow liberals are a just bunch of losers undeserving of further support.