Friday, February 11, 2005

Richard Nixon’s Revenge

Pat may have gone "funny" in recent years, but he knows the 70's and 80's better than anyone.........................................T
The hired hands CBS picked to investigate its “60 Minutes” debacle may deny it till the cows come home. But liberal bias ruined the career of Dan Rather—and CBS News....In September, Dan Rather, using fabricated and forged memos, fired a head shot at the president of the United States. The gun blew up in his face. The rest is history. At CBS, they know today that their power is disappearing, their audience is departing, and their credibility is shot. Conservative perseverance exposed the liberal bias, and technology killed the monopoly.
Somewhere Richard Nixon is smiling. Somewhere Spiro Agnew is laughing. I will not ask Dan Rather where they are—as he and CBS are just not “fair and balanced” on this question.