Sunday, February 20, 2005

Hollywood Sets Political Tone With Films

Duh!!!...I'll be watching this special at 9 tonight. I've been peeved by this subject for years. Glad to see that, since the election, Hollywood and Academia are finally being called to account for their slanderous anti-Americanism. I was personally a victim of Left-Wing intellectual discrimination in college, so this hits close to home.............T
...Tom Clancy's blockbuster novel "The Sum of All Fears" was also tweaked so it would be Hollywood-friendly.

"Tom Clancy is a conservative. He's a conservative writer. His novels very often have very clearly conservative themes," Medved said. "In the original 'Sum of All Fears,' the way he wrote it, the bad guys are Islamofascist terrorists."

But in the big-screen version, which starred Ben Affleck, the villains were neo-Nazis.

"I don't think too many Americans are worried right now about the Nazi threat to the United States," Medved said.