Tuesday, February 03, 2009


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Well now! He's not looking so bad anymore, is he!...T

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Grace Explosion said...

He nationalized banks. He made an announcement about "economic ruin" that threw the election to Obama. He never defended himself against the media's portrayal of him. In fact, it was like he played the setup of the "hate object" to perfection to give Obama the election. THEN, when Palin came along and the election "tightened up" - he and his Treasury Secretary threw Obama the election.

They could have let those companies fail.

I believe his grandfather was on the Federal Reserve Board. He was a member of Skull and Bone (same far out group Gore was a member of).

He created the Patriot Act and DHS. He brought American troops on our land for the purpose of dealing with civilian unrest - contrary to all civil liberties.
He spoke of a new world order and seemed elated with Obama coming into office.

I think that it was "good cop bad cop". I think it was all a con. I think the same people behind Bush are behind Obama and it's all one big con and manipulation of the American people to THINK it's about "right vs left". Bush was never truly right. He pandered to Christians and conservatives and used our own patriotism against our nation - and created the perfect set up for a totalitarian leftist who would follow him.

I think he was an actor on a stage - and he and Obama are thick as thieves. Actually, the thieves behind both him and Obama, is what I am saying, are the exact same people. And I think we're all duped if we don't believe it.

I don't trust him anymore, now, than I trust Obama. I see a Federal Reserve Board and Government created economic crisis to bring the American people to their knees.

I think we're supposed to be buying that line you posted. I don't buy it. I think it's all a game and we're being manipulated - and I just don't like being played.

That's my opinion.

Navitor69 said...

Whatever your opinion of GW's political skills, this statement is factually incorrect

- "He brought American troops on our land for the purpose of dealing with civilian unrest, contrary to all civil liberties" -

show me the evidence, as there is none...Ted

Grace Explosion said...

Did you read?? The lines were cut to the fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and phones at Palin's church before it was set ablaze. That takes some "know how". This was no "regular" arson attack. Someone cut lines before setting the church on fire. Arsonists don't do that. They just set the place on fire. It takes a higher level planned attack by persons who train for such things to do something like that. Where is the MSM on this?? And who sent the message to Governor Palin?? Crazy leftists?? Private citizens?? I would say it was some form of truly organized attack the moment I see that lines were cut. Whoever did that arson was trained and the arson of her church was a message to warn her that she had better not raise the awareness or rally the people or disrupt the propaganda push to "go along" with Obama or someone is going to die. Yet, I guess whoever it was didn't find it expedient to assassinate her - lest the people have their awareness awakened and it be too disruptive to the propaganda to "go along" with Obama and be "good Republicans" who attempt to honor the present administration out of "patriotism". No lines cut - I would have believed it was crazy leftists and not anyone more highly trained. But when lines are cut... it takes on a different appearance. And it was meant to take on the appearance of organization and training in cutting lines to intimidate, imo, Governor Palin. It's much more threatening to see people with training deployed to burn down her church. Think about it. I am no longer giving any benefit of the doubt. I don't like being played.