Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Perverse Thoughts about this Perverse Recession

So our great socialist leader B. Hussein Orwell spends a trillion dollars, then the very next week scolds us all for spending too much money, and that we must balance the budget - with tax increases and military cuts - in a recession...ok...

Then the very next week he spends another 400 billion dollars on a 3 month appropriations bill, laden with over 800 earmarks - but he promised to end earmarks? Well maybe next year (yeah right, and democrats are for the little guy...)

But wait friends, wait! The piece de resistance is yet to come! $800 billion in socialized medicine! Can you say "Canada"?

This is without even mentioning "Cap & Trade" which will shut down the global economy in the name of "climate change" (i.e. "Socialism") and card check (i.e. goose stepping brown shirted union thuggery) or left wing fanatics gerrymandering the electoral system by corrupting the census...

Prognosticators are wondering why, if the country is in dire need of emergency “stimulus,” most of the money appropriated by this law will not even be spent this year or next? No, it's spent in 2010, an election year...

As Dick Morris opines, there is no mystery here, as the answer is simple: These billions in taxpayer funds will fund the Democratic political machine for many years to come.

They have neither the guts nor wits nor disposition to figure out that Barack Orwell is a product of the corrupt political machine in Chicago which has been imported to Washington D.C. with Rahm Emmanuel as Osama's Hermann Goering.

They want a one-party system headed by a strong man.

Can you say "Union of Soviet Socialist America"?...T

I do not understand at all this going into debt for almost another trillion dollars, and then immediately promising to balance the budget soon (like blowing off your foot near an emergency room), or how “stimulate” differs from “borrow”, or why the more noble victim is the one who sought to borrow too much for too much house and then defaulted, rather than he who chose to borrow less for less house and paid his mortgage on time each month and now subsidizes the less responsible. (The former apparently will still have the larger house, the latter the smaller.)
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