Friday, August 01, 2008

Dawn in America

As I have been saying all along: Yes, we have won the war, no, there is no recession. Gas prices? Simple economics 101 - "what goes up must come down"...

No, we don't need a quasi-communist as president to "change" everything. As the author writes: "Let’s recap: wars being won, enemies being decimated, economy recovering and growing, gas prices coming down, homelessness plummeting. And this is all just this week."...T

The only way Democrats can win is by running America down: the president stinks, the economy stinks, Iraq is still a failure, Afghanistan is weak, there’s no Middle East peace, Americans are morose and depressed, and the deficit is out of control.

Well, that last point is correct. Republicans and Democrats have spent like drunken sailors, and it’s been disgraceful.

But everything else, frankly, ain’ t that bad.

It may not yet be Morning in America, but the Dawn is certainly upon us. Given the daily left-wing media fandango of negativity, you’d never know it. So, here’s an alternative newscast with the good news:

We are winning the war in Iraq. Thanks to the astonishing bravery of our combat troops, we have secured what General David Petraeus calls “durable” progress there. Violence is at its lowest level since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003. Iraqi security forces are stronger and more self-reliant every day. The Iraqi government is more stable and self-sustaining every day. And organized terrorists from al Qaeda to the Iranian-backed Shia militias are almost thoroughly crushed. Freelancing terrorists will continue to strike, and there will be some backsliding. But what we have accomplished there is nothing less than stunning. Troop levels can now be reduced, based on breathtaking success, not humiliating defeat. Progress continues in Afghanistan (with more cooperation from the Afghan government than the Pakistani one), and the al Qada strongholds are now in ever-narrower locations.

The U.S. economy GREW by 1.9 percent in the second quarter this year. This is up by a full percentage point from the first quarter. While it’s not bounding robust growth, the economy is moving in the right direction. And in the opposite direction from what many doomsayers were predicting: that we’d have at least two consecutive quarters of economic contraction that would qualify as a recession. The stock market has responded to the growth, and stocks are climbing again. There are still challenges in the financial, credit, and housing sectors, but the positive numbers show how resilient and powerful this economy is.

At the mere talk of drilling here at home, OPEC freaked out a little, the much-maligned speculators began speculating that the price of oil would come down, and voila! The price of oil has dropped significantly over the past two weeks, meaning filling your tank is still crazy expensive, but less so. And the trend is for gas prices to continue to fall.

As the New York Times reported this week, homelessness has fallen a staggering 30% over the past three years. And alas, with a “compassionate conservative” in the White House! Democrats never produced such a drop in homelessness, despite all of their supposed care for the issue.

Let’s recap: wars being won, enemies being decimated, economy recovering and growing, gas prices coming down, homelessness plummeting. And this is all just this week.

The sun is peeking over the horizon.
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