Saturday, July 12, 2008

God Bless Tony Snow

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God Bless Tony Snow. I awoke to see the initial report and was sure it had to be a hoax. I've been a fan of Tony's since the early 1980's when he was the Detroit News Editorial Director, and he blew me away then. Then, first at the Washington Times, which I would buy every week at Barnes & Noble, and soon as the excellent guest host behind Rush Limbaugh's golden EIB microphone, finally kicking the cr*p outta Helen Thomas the last few years, he always saw the world in perspective. It is a sad day. He will be missed...T

From The American Mind, today: It was sad enough when we found out Tony Snow had cancer. It got worse after learning it came back. Now, we find out the energetic, passionate, entertaining conservative voice has left us.

More than being the White House press secretary when the Bush administration really needed communications help I’ll remember Snow for being the best fill-in for Rush Limbaugh. His smooth voice and humor were perfect for radio. Snow made you want to listen for the full three hours and only sort-of miss Rush.

Rush Limbaugh on his dear friend Tony Snow:

Vice President Cheney eulogises Tony Snow on Fox News Sunday:

Here’s a great speech that gave many conservatives hope from CPAC 2008.

James Joyner put together a blogosphere roundup.

Godspeed, Tony.
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