Sunday, August 21, 2005

Speak of the Dead

Whoa....right on target! They go down to defeat again in 2006, I predict. ....T
IN THE FOUR YEARS OR so since September 11, liberals have found a new weapon of preference, and that weapon is martyrdom. They have discovered grief as a tactical weapon. They tend to like grief they can use. They use it to arouse guilt and sympathy to cover a highly partisan message, in the hope that while the message may be controversial, the messenger will be sacrosanct and above reproach. Since 9/11, they have embraced this tactic repeatedly, and each time with a common objective: to cripple the war, to denounce the country, to swing an election, but mainly to embarrass and undermine the president.

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jennifer said...

Hey Ted, you American hatin' conservative... ;) Just wanted to say hey and offer my condolences since the tide's turning against your side concerning the war. That's history for you... always on the side of liberals.

History's a bit slow sometimes, tho, imo. I opposed the war before it was cool to oppose the war. :)