Thursday, October 16, 2008

McCain Comes Roaring Back!

So Gallup now has it a 2 point race, down from 14 just two days ago. The drive-by's unanimously declared Osama the winner in the debate, but that's not the debate I witnessed. McCain relentlessly pointed out Osama's extreme liberalism and remind voters of two things. First, that Osama's "Tax Cuts" are really welfare checks, taken from our hard earned paychecks and given to people who pay no taxes at all. Secondly, that Osama will raise taxes on everyone, radically.

His two key lines in the debate came when he said Osama's tax and regulate plan, going into a recession, had been tried before - by Herbert Hoover. That hit home to every voter. It also was a classic moment when he tagged Osama as "Senator Government"...yeah, that was a decisive McCain win.

This add captalizes on all these points brilliantly...T