Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Ben Stein's new documentary takes on the educational and scientific elites who have "ethnically cleansed" our universities and schools of all mention of the origins and meaning of life itself. Sounds like the same old Global Warming crowd to me. Opens April 18th at theaters everywhere. Here is the trailer. Watch it, and see the movie!...T

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Benjamin Franklin said...

What does "ethnically cleansed our universities and schools of all mention of the origins and meaning of life" mean?

When was the "meaning of life" ever meant to be taught in a science class?

Navitor69 said...

What, you can't figure it out?

If you don't think schools teach logic, or reason, then you are certainly a fool. Science is nothing if not the art of understanding the nature of ourselves and of the Universe. If you flatly deny a possible connection between science and religion, then you implicitly deny a connection between science and philosophy. If there is no relationship between Science and Philosophy, then what is the point of either?

You remind us of the Flat earth society types, or the Global warming "we must all become socialists to save the planet" hysterics, or, for that matter, liberals in general. You know best. No dissent must be allowed, for the common folk are all rubes and dolts. You know, the ones who "take refuge in guns and religion, when they feel threatened"...

I respectfully suggest you have some White Grenache, some brie and Belgian endive, and ruminate on your fate once you turn to ashes and become food for the ants and worms. For that matter, since you believe you have no soul, smoke a little hashish and date your sister and your aunt, or perhaps your 12 year old brother, all while not being late for the next party central committee meeting


James said...

What has been denied by those that make the rules is "in the beginning, God . . ." Their justification is that there are many religions in the world - therefore they must all be treated equally. This is to deny our history. We live in Western Civilization (Christendom).Many of the greatest scientists have been Christian- and still are.

Religious freedom back-in-the-day meant you could be Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Roman Catholic, or Jewish. We made a law that the several states (Maryland,Vermont, etc) could not make official state churches in the manner of the church of England.

The Supreme Court had no problem with schools having prayer and the like until the 1960's. An original justification for public schools was to equip our children to read the bible. A similar justification was given for teaching music in the schools - so we could sing hymns properly. The school day used to begin with prayer.

There is a difference between saying the there are many religions and saying they are all equal. What is not noted by the press is there is an accepted religion- functional atheism. In the absence of belief in God, they have belief in a process - which is their god. There is a "day of judgment without a god - global warming. Mystic rites and penance (recycling, driving small cars, flushing the toilet to save water!('if it is yellow - let it mellow, if it is brown - flush it down), going "green". It is a secular animism. Nature is the god.

Somehow evolution creates. This is a denial of entropy. Chaos does not and cannot lead to order with something to shape it.

We have permitted this by putting up with things that call into question our very ability to survive or reproduce. We have permitted ourselves to be treated as something to be stifled and eliminated for the "sake of the planet." Our response is,and must be "to Hell with that!"

Benjamin Franklin said...

You can censor my post, but you can't censor the opinion of the world, you vile hypocrite!

Navitor69 said...

Censor? I still see your infantile posts, your 7th grade education on full display. Did your "College professor" ie ""ex-communist dope fiend" teach you the meaning of the word "Censor"? I'll give you a feebie: Censorship = "the means by which any material that contains what the censor deems to be of questionable morality is removed"

Exam is Friday at 8am - no hashish, cocaine, nor schlitz malt liquor allowed in the classrom, oh, and no "little red books" either... Cheers!

Benjamin Franklin said...

You deleted the post in which I responded to your unfounded blathering. That is censorship. And the morality I question is yours.

If you had any guts, you would have posted it, but apparently you are nothing but a childish and arrogant blowhard.

Navitor69 said...

I have deleted nothing

You sir, apparenly, are a liar as well as a fool