Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Election - Won or Lost on Taxes

This is where this election will be won or lost, and what it is all about. It's what every national election is about each 4 years, but more so than ever this year. Both democrats are on record, proudly proclaiming that they will raise taxes. The republican, McCain, has pledged not to, under any circumstances, and further has pledged to reduce them across the board - McCain on Taxes -

Want proof? look at the tax tables from the Clinton years and compare them to the Bush years, here - Taxes - Clinton vs. Bush Years

The 2001 tax cuts literally saved the US economy, mitigating a 9/11 worsened recession from becoming a possible depression, and in turn setting the stage for the strong economy of the past several years.

Yes, this election will be about economics, about taxes, and about national security. The difference is that this year, the most liberal politician ever to run for president is competing with the second most liberal, for the right to run and then to radically change our society, our courts, and yes, raise our taxes...T

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were midway through a joint ode to big government in their last debate when a disbelieving Wolf Blitzer interrupted. Were they both really going into a general election proposing "tax increases on millions of Americans," inviting the charge of tax-and-spend liberals?

"I'm not bashful about it," said Mr. Obama. "Absolutely, absolutely," chimed in Mrs. Clinton...
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