Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Fitzmas in June Ruined for Democrats

In the immortal words of the master himself.........T
"I've been alive 55 years. I've been paying attention to politics probably since I was 12, and I'm being honest with you people. I have never seen -- even after Watergate, I have never seen -- a political party so disengaged from what is real. I have never seen a party with supporters, a major political party, with supporters as dense, as stupid, as dilapidated, as pathetic as those who make up what are now called the future, the Democratic Party.

This party once ruled this country almost as royalty, folks. The Democratic Party had an iron fist, grip, on everything in this country, and I know what's happened. I mean, I don't want to bother you with boring explanations again, but they have now descended and faded away into a collection of people who may be clinically insane because of their inability to grasp what had happened. They had the bowl of cherries for so long, they had the Holy Grail. They owned everything. It was their country to do with whatever they wanted -- and now it's not, and with each passing day, that reality hits them, broadsides them and they simply have no mechanism to deal with it." Click here for full article


cornetjim said...

"ditto's Ted!
The article does give one hope for the future of the country. Perhaps the people are not as stupid as the press portrays them.

It brings to mind Al Gore. His sounds like a demented Mr. Rogers- speaking his stupidities with a sing-song tone, yet sound very condescending at the same time.

splugy said...

Check out Michelle Malkin's Hot Air blog for her video take on the Rove matter.

The looney left is heading for meltdown. I hope they keep up with the phony stories right through the November elections.

I have been laughing at the Dems' scrambling over each other clawing for the top positions when they take back congress. Murtha for speaker! HA!

Too funny.