Friday, February 17, 2006

The Voice of the Neuter is Heard Throughout the Land

Ok, this one is a few weeks old, but as everyone of my acquaintance is still commenting on it, I have decided to post it. This is in the category of: "All you ever need to know about liberals in 3 easy lessons". Too lengthy to excerpt properly, please read in its entirety. Enjoy!...........T
LIKE SOME HAGGARD CRACK WHORE banging on the door of a dealer's den willing to do anything , the hapless Joel ( "I despise our troops." ) Stein has been passed randomly about the blogsphere in the last couple of days...
What is of interest to me here is not what Stein writes or says. His own words damn him more decisively than a thousand bloggers blathering blithely What interestest me is how he speaks.
If you focus on it, you realize that you hear this voice every day if you bounce around a bit in our larger cities buying this or ordering that, and in general running into young people in the "service" sector -- be it coffee shop, video store, department store, boutique, bookstore, or office cube farm. It's a kind of voice that was seldom heard anywhere but now seems to be everywhere.
It is the voice of the neuter .
I mean that in the grammatical sense:"a. Neither masculine nor feminine in gender."b. Neither active nor passive; intransitive,"
and in the biological sense:"a. Biology Having undeveloped or imperfectly developed sexual organs: the neuter caste in social insects."b. Botany Having no pistils or stamens; asexual."c. Zoology Sexually undeveloped."
You hear this soft, inflected tone everywhere that young people below, roughly, 35 congregate. As flat as the bottles of spring water they carry and affectless as algae, it tends to always trend towards a slight rising question at the end of even simple declarative sentences. It has no timbre to it and no edge of assertion in it...
What Stein has said is what his whole cohort has said in response to questions of honor, duty, country. It is the standard issue answer and will be their standard issue epitaph:
"Whatever." Click here for full article

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kjbND2001 said...

JS is a wimp, and a stupid one at that.

I disagree about the under 35 comments, as I fall into that age range but I'm nothing like what he describes.

I am an anomaly of my generation though, so I guess you can't use me as a standard either...