Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Moral War

The project in Iraq can succeed, and leave its critics scrambling.
...I have refrained from posting some redundant (in my opinion) articles lately. Yes, Bush's inevitable comeback is proceeding apace, and yes, the economy, the courts, and the war are all in great shape, the MSM notwithstanding (who listens to THEM anymore, anyway?). This Article is THE exception, and it "says it all".Please read, in it's entirety, and save it for reference!......T
..."Zarqawi and the radical Islamicists are slowly being squeezed as only a war at their doorstep could accomplish...what Iraq did is ensure that al QaedaÂ's Sunni support is being coopted by democracy. Jordan, the terrorists' old ace in the hole that could always put a cosmetic face on its stealthy support for radicals, has essentially turned on Zarqawi and with him al Qaeda. Syria is under virtual siege and its border sanctuary now a killing zone. Bin Laden can offer very little solace from his cave. And somehow Islamists have alienated the United States, Europe, Russia, China, Australia, Japan, and increasingly Middle East democracies like those in Afghanistan, Turkey, and Iraq, and reform movements in Lebanon and Jordan.
...The Left now risks losing its self-proclaimed moral appeal. It had trashed the efforts in Iraq for months on end, demanded a withdrawal -- only recently to learn from polls that an unhappy public may also be unhappy with it for advocating fleeing while American soldiers are in harm's way. Another successful election, polls showing Iraqis overwhelmingly wishing us to stay on, visits by elected Iraqi officials asking continued help, and a decreasing American footprint will gradually erode the appeal of the antiwar protests -- especially as triangulating public intellectuals and pundits begin to quiet down, fathoming that the United States may win after all.

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splugy said...

As I sit here watching Saddam Hussein screaming in court acting like a spoiled 3 year old I am amazed at what has been accomplished in Iraq.

The entire left side of our political spectrum are in the process of eating themselves. While the media crap storm against W gained some ground during the hurricanes, his ratings are going up while the ratings of congress and the old media are still tanking.

The speculations that liberalism is a mental illness seems the only explanation for the actions of the left. Ha ha!