Friday, November 11, 2005

Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys

Time for a little history Lesson (courtesy of "CornetJim")........................T
"The French have been here before, of course. Seven-thirty-two. Not 7:32 Paris time, which is when the nightly Citroen-torching begins, but 732 A.D. -- as in one and a third millennia ago. By then, the Muslims had advanced a thousand miles north of Gibraltar to control Spain and southern France up to the banks of the Loire. In October 732, the Moorish general Abd al-Rahman and his Muslim army were not exactly at the gates of Paris, but they were within 200 miles, just south of the great Frankish shrine of St. Martin of Tours. Somewhere on the road between Poitiers and Tours, they met a Frankish force and, unlike other Christian armies in Europe, this one held its ground ''like a wall . . . a firm glacial mass,'' as the Chronicle of Isidore puts it. A week later, Abd al-Rahman was dead, the Muslims were heading south, and the French general, Charles, had earned himself the surname ''Martel'' -- or ''the Hammer.'' "

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splugy said...

Oh come on! They haven't surrendered yet. They don't think too fast. Give them another week. Then they will get out the white flags.

On another subject, I understand that the numbers of cars burned up each night all over France is a bad way to estimate the violence.

French cars only run about half the time, unlike Italy where they only run about a quarter of the time.

Simply put, the rioting Islamics have burned up every car that doesn't run. The working cars all left after the first night.

They have also burned every successful business in their area.

It isn't going to be much fun living in the burned out wreckage. Cool, Huh?