Thursday, April 07, 2005

Desert Democrats of Mesopotamia

Nope, they'll get away with it scott-free...................T
"However they are managing it, the Iraqi politicians are moving deliberately and shrewdly toward the formation of a viable democratic government -- despite the jeering of the Washington pundits. For almost two years now, I have regularly appeared on television political talk shows with most of the Anti-Bush Brigade of Washington wise guys and gals. While many of them probably had never even heard of Sunnies, Shias and Kurds until the Iraq War, they all professed to be quite certain that these ancient divisions would surely lead Iraq into civil war after Bush's blunder of overturning Saddam.

Their beating hearts seemed to catch the rhythm of the insurgent's bomb blasts -- their countenances looking increasingly more satisfied as the pace of the bomb blasts and their predictions of civil war came into an unholy unison. Of course, disloyalty, defeatism and demagoguery were the farthest things from their minds. They were just reporting without fear or favor -- or facts. I'm sure they will be delighted at the impending success of the Iraqi people in forming a democratic government -- and how that will reflect well on our president -- and will promptly admit how wrong they have been these last two years."